IN-HOUSE DELIVERY begins at 4pm.

(Grays Road till 50 Road area in Stoney Creek) 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your store certified Halal?

No. While we do offer halal options on our menu (as well as a separate pizza cutter), pork is served on the premises. Please order at your own discretion.

Our halal items include:

  • Chicken Shawarma

  • Grilled Chicken Topping

  • Ground Beef Topping

  • Halal Pepperoni

  • Chicken Wings

Additionally, we only use vegetarian gravy for our poutines and our mozzarella cheese does not contain rennet. 

What is "Shawarma"?

Shawarma (also known as “guss”) is a type of spiced meat found in Middle Eastern cuisine that is grilled or cooked slowly. Serving style differs between countries (and restaurants). Depending on the region, shawarma can be served on a plate with small salad on the side or wrapped in a pita with our homemade garlic sauce, and your choice of vegetables.


What is "Falafel"?

Falafel is a vegetarian Middle Eastern food made up of ground chick peas (or in some cases, fava beans, or both) and mixed with seasonings. They are formed in a ball shape and deep fried. Like shawarma, falafel differs in serving style and toppings across regions.


Do you offer whole wheat/gluten-free crust?

We offer gluten free pizza.

Our dough is made daily with 6 ingredients: all-purpose flour, water, sugar, salt, canola oil and yeast.

Do you have any specials?

At this time we do not offer daily specials or promotions. All of our combos and specials can be found on our flyer/menu.

If you placed the order through a third party app like Skip the dishes, any issues you have can be resolved by contacting their support. 

If you ordered directly through us, give us a call or come back and let us know - on the same day. We will be happy to assist you and make things right. You just need to show us where we went wrong. For example, if your pizza had the wrong toppings, we'll make you a new one and take back the mistake. 

We cannot re-do orders for items already eaten. We appreciate your understanding.